Research & Development

"To strive for excellence" is the quote, which is the drive behind all our research activities. We always ensure that our customers derive the maximum benefit and obtain highest returns on their efforts. That is why we have laid emphasis on research and development of new hybrids.

The result of our research is a long line of achievements that have advanced the cause of agriculture time and time again. We have got prominent research varieties of soybean, wheat and vegetable seeds.

Since plant breeding requires highly qualified technical personnel, Eagle Seeds possesses a team of talented, well-experienced breeders and scientists to undertake research activities. They are backed by strong R&D facilities and are working for the development of new hybrids under strict quality supervision. To take this cause forward, we have developed grow-out test facilities besides germination and moisture test, in our two research farms situated at Alote and Indore respectively.

We are also looking for foreign collaborations so that we can bring the latest technology and put it to the use of Indian Agriculture. Company also plans to enhance its biotech research facilities and creating a separate team for biotech research.