Dr. Pri M. Azizi

Minister of Irrigation, Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Live Stock, Govt. of Afganistan, Kabul

Eagle Seeds & Biotech Limited

Eagle Seeds was founded in 1982 in a small town Alote in Central India. Within a short span, it has emerged as a pioneer in the field of Soybean, Wheat and Vegetable seeds and the "Eagle" brand today is considered as one of the most recognized and respected seed brands in the country. We have successfully traveled through challenging times and reached new horizons. After gaining repute and experience in the field of seed crops, we plan to foray into the field of biotech research. Our mission is to exploit the potential areas in biotechnology for the benefit and prosperity of the Indian farmer.

With a history that spans over a few decades, you can count on Eagle Seeds' experience and stability to help you succeed in today's challenging agricultural environment. Eagle Seeds' state-of-the-art research capabilities have enabled growers to provide quality seeds and many new varieties over the few years. This dedication to be progressive and innovative continues till today.

The company has a sales network, production facilities, field testing sites, and product lines that span over the major states in India. We have got the best of manufacturing, processing and storage facilities that meet the international standards. With skilled staff, the company is capable of rendering top-notch services to all the clients and growers.

The experience of Indian conditions enables us to give you products that are unique to your region's conditions. We are able to assist you throughout the growing season no matter where you farm. Eagle Seeds' heritage, combined with its technology and research, makes it your best bet for quality seed and technical support.