Dr. R. K. Mishra

IAS, Secretary to Govt. Of India, Ministry of Agriculture, Dept of Agri. & Cooperation

Our Strength

Total organized seed market in India is estimated to be about 15000 million tons today. This accounts for approximately 25% of the total area under cultivation. The use of hybrids is rapidly increasing with the increased awareness amongst the farmers and greater attention is being paid by farmers on seed quality in desire of more revenue from the same limited area of land available. In the backdrop of the current scenario and opportunities ahead, the company has the following discrete advantages, which could make it a very attractive investment option.

Pioneers in Soyabean and Wheat seeds

We were the first ones to bring the concept of soybean farming in India. For many years we have been working towards it and during this we have gained invaluable experience. Today M.P. is one of the leading producers of soybean and more than 75% of area is under cultivation. In 1982, when the company had started less than 5% of area was under soybean cultivation. For almost 10 years, we alone worked on promoting the idea of farming soybeans and this is the reason why we have edge over others even today in seed production.

Strong Commitment

There are lot of expectations from a market leader and so far, we have been successful in living upto the hopes of our customers, dealers and all people associated with us and will continue to do so. All that goes behind it is our commitment towards quality, betterment of farmers and trust. This is clearly reflected in the goodwill the company has and the trust that people impose on us.

Robust Infrastructure

We have invested a lot in setting up infrastructure that is available with very few companies in India. This renders us an edge over others in every field be it production, processing, storage or marketing. With production centers in different states, processing plants of storage capacity of 30000 metric tons, more than a dozen processing machines, the company is capable of giving its best.

Marketing Network

We have been associated with over 500 dealers/distributors in major states of India and every year, new people keep joining us. Eagle seeds makes sure to retain the feeling of trust and goodwill we share with our customers.

Skilled and dedicated staff

Our dedicated and highly skilled staff has made us a trusted name for our clients. The company has always insisted on taking services of best of the people in all the fields which has contributed to our fast growth and progress.

Advantage of low cost

As the breeding and production cost in India is very low compared to other countries of the world, the research activities can be taken up for other countries in the Asia pacific region. The company is geared up to reap these opportunities.