Dr. N. S. Tunwar

Ex Sr. Technical Advisor Food & Agri. Organization
of the United Nations


With the knowledge and rich experience of seed production, we saw the necessity of forward integration to deliver this important input - seeds and services through our own marketing and promotion set up right at the door steps of farmers in time. Marketing of seeds needs unconventional methods. Customer being a farmer has to be convinced about the superiority of the company's seeds. To achieve this, the company has organized its marketing activity by creating a network of dealers and distributors in major states of the country. The company's marketing network spans over M.P., Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Gujarat and U.P. At present, we have a marketing network consisting of more than 500 dealers-distributors. Our customers include various Government Seed Corporations, Oil Federations and Co-operative societies. As a result of this well organized marketing network, we have come to be ranked amongst the top few in cereals and oil seeds sector. Eagle brand is a well-recognized brand all over the country. The brand is continuously promoted using different mediums. Use of mass media like press is being made to promote the brand on a larger scale. However to reach to the farmers, the company also has rural advertising media like wall paintings, hoardings, leaflets, posters, videos, van campaigns, jeep campaigns, participating in farmer melas (fairs) etc. If you want to join us in the marketing network, please send us your details at our e-mail address marketing@eagleseeds.com.