One of the prime features of the company is its processing plant. Processing plant has state-of-the-art facilities for storage and processing of seeds. The main processing plant has an area of 46,000 square feet (4140 square meters). Besides this are two other processing plants - one situated at Indore and the other at Alote. The combined storage capacity of all the plants is more than 300,000 qtls. (30,000 MT) of seeds.

Seed Processing Machines

All the production is graded on our grading machines to give out the final graded seed.

The quality depends on grading and grading depends on the machines which are being employed. That is why, we have always insisted on the best available grading machines having the latest technology. This enables us to meet our large targets and at the same time maintain the quality standards Eagle brand is known for.

Overall, there are about 12 processing machines with the company. Some of the key features of the processing machines are as follows -

• Latest technology machines from Agro saw, Forsberg and Buhler optical sorter.
• Scientifically designed to ensure less breakage of seeds during grading.
• Automated elevators to maintain rate of input and minimize wastages.
• Built-in pre-cleaner and chaff separator mechanisms.
• Large grading capacity to meet the pressure of demand during season.

To go with this, we employ trained staff who operate on the machines and continuously keep an eye on the quality of graded seed being obtained from the machine.